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How is Hearing Loss Diagnosed?

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Our straightforward hearing evaluations are easy and effective, causing virtually no pain and requiring no downtime. Convenience and ease don't mean sacrificing precision. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques utilize multiple types of assessments to offer comprehensive insight into any potential issues and the degree of hearing loss that a patient may be experiencing.

Detection and diagnosis are the first steps toward better hearing and all the benefits accompanying acoustic improvements, including an overall better standard of living. So, if you've noticed any changes in your hearing, have any concerns, or are tired of not being able to hear your loved ones properly, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment at Cross Timbers ENT in Arlington, Midlothian, or Mansfield, TX.

Should I see an audiology expert?

Seeking a hearing assessment with our team is beneficial for multiple reasons. First, we provide multiple testing modalities to diagnose any potential hearing issues, their severity, and the possible cause to plan the most effective treatment strategy possible.

Additionally, our testing methods are highly precise, yet they don't entail pain on your part. They're easy to administer, do not require anesthesia, and will not necessitate any downtime. This fantastic accessibility and simple and quick noninvasive nature make hearing tests ideal for almost anyone who has concerns about their acoustic capabilities or faces daily challenges resulting from diminished capabilities, whether due to age, injury, congenital concerns, or otherwise.

Diagnosing hearing loss

And when you come to see us, we may administer the following tests:

Tympanometry: This test creates different levels of air pressure (air pressure gradients) within the auricular (ear) canal to detect any abnormalities or problems in the middle ear. This technique can diagnose conditions relating to negative pressure, fluid accumulation around the eardrum, inflammation, and infection.

Audiometry: This is the iconic evaluation and what patients most often picture when considering the term "hearing test." As many may remember from grade school testing, this assessment checks for a patient's ability to hear different sounds emitted at various volumes and tones. Audiometry also evaluates the health and functional capabilities of the auditory nerve.

Otoacoustic emissions: The OAE test evaluates the inner ear, which has sensory hair cells that vibrate when stimulated by sound. By measuring the vibrations produced by these cells, we can check cochlear response – the cochlea is a spiral cavity of the inner ear that generates nerve impulses when stimulated by acoustic vibrations (sound waves).

Schedule a hearing test today

Cross Timbers ENT has helped many past patients improve their lives through better hearing, and we're dedicated to crafting the most effective, personalized plan (which may include hearing aids) for your unique needs. Plus, visiting us at one of our locations means that DFW area patients may discover hearing issues they didn't know about, as many individuals may be unaware of the presence of various conditions affecting their hearing.

Ascertaining the cause of any hearing issues will allow us to help you enjoy the best possible outcome. So. we invite residents of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to contact us in Arlington, Midlothian, or Mansfield, TX today to schedule a consultation.

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