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Sinus Surgery in North Texas

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What is sinus surgery?

Cross Timbers ENT is excited to offer image-guided sinus surgery to Arlington, Mansfield, and Midlothian, TX patients. This is a minimally invasive procedure that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a live view and map of the sinuses during surgery. Advanced imaging systems allow for highly accurate, 3D visuals and help reduce the risks of complications. Generally, image-guided sinus surgery is reserved for individuals who have thinning bone between the sinuses, benign growths, a complex or damaged anatomy, or had a previous sinus surgery. To learn more, contact our ear, nose, and throat office.

What Are The Benefits Of Sinus Surgery?

Sinus surgery in North Texas at Cross Timbers ENT offers wide-ranging benefits to improve your overall health and well-being, including:

  • It's an outpatient procedure
  • Treats multiple sinus health issues
  • Opens the airways for easier breathing
  • Alleviates sinus headaches and facial pressure
  • Lessens the frequency of sinus infections
  • Enhances sinus drainage and reduces congestion
  • Decreases reliance on medications and decongestants
  • Diminishes bad breath by minimizing mouth breathing
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Benefits are almost immediate

Am I A Candidate For Sinus Surgery?

There are a variety of conditions that can make you a good candidate for sinus surgery, including:

  • Nasal obstruction
  • Thinning bone between the sinuses
  • A deviated septum
  • Benign growths (polyps)
  • A complex anatomy
  • Damage to the nasal passageways
  • Problems caused by a previous surgery

Typical candidates experience breathing difficulties and/or chronic sinusitis from one or more of these issues and are in good overall health. During your consultation, we will examine you and review any relevant medical history to ensure you're a great candidate for sinus surgery at Cross Timbers ENT in Arlington, Mansfield, and Midlothian, TX.

How is sinus surgery performed?

Image-guided sinus surgery at Cross Timbers ENT is an outpatient procedure that is performed with local or general anesthesia. First, we'll perform a CT scan to capture images of the sinuses and determine pre-set reference points. Then, these pictures will be uploaded and digitally linked to the computerized image-guided navigation system. Our team will be able to navigate the surgical instruments in real-time, thanks to the live imaging feed.

What should i Expect After Sinus Surgery?

After sinus surgery, depending on the extent of your procedure, the nostrils are coated with a special gel solution to prevent possible bleeding. If more extensive tissue removal was needed, packing may be placed in the nostrils and worn for about a week. During the first post-procedure follow-up exam, this packing is typically removed. We may recommend nasal irrigation with a saline solution to prevent crusting and aid healing. Most patients will need to take about one week off to recover, with full recovery reached at about three weeks.

Sinus Surgery FAQ

Does sinus surgery hurt? 

No, it doesn’t. Depending on your needs, sinus surgery can be performed with a local anesthetic or general anesthesia. After the surgery, during recovery, some patients may experience sinus pressure and a dull ache, but it is easily controlled with pain relievers and typically only lasts for several days.

Is sinus surgery safe?

While every surgical procedure carries a small amount of risk, sinus surgery is generally considered a very safe procedure with little to no risk of complications.

How long is recovery after sinus surgery?

Most patients will need about a week off to recover and will be able to return to their normal routine in about three weeks.

Are you asleep during sinus surgery?

Sinus surgery can be performed with local anesthesia to numb the treatment area or under general anesthesia, meaning you are asleep. After your CT scan, we will be able to plan your procedure and decide whether your surgery will require general anesthesia or not.

Advanced Sinus Surgery

Thanks to medical advancements in the ENT industry, patients now have the option of image-guided sinus surgery for treating complex sinus problems. This procedure provides the utmost precision and reduces the risk of complications associated with manual sinus surgery. To sit down with a seasoned ENT specialist, call Cross Timbers ENT in Midlothian, Mansfield, or Arlington, TX. Our experts will be happy to discuss if image-guided sinus surgery is the right choice for you. 

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