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Hearing Protection and Swim Plugs

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About Hearing Protection and Swim Plugs

  • Custom hearing protection:

    • Hunting/Shooting plugs- reduces high-impulse noise from a firearm

    • Sky Plugs- protection from airplane engine noise when flying

    • Musician’s plugs- while attending concerts and playing instruments

    • Industrial earplugs- protect your hearing while working in noisy environments: manufacturing plant, using farm/lawn equipment, or using power tools.

    • Motor sport plugs- use when riding a motorcycle to help reduce wind noise

  • Non-custom ear protection

    • We partner with Phonak to offer a variety of non-custom ear protection with a one-year warranty and convenient carrying case that fits on your keychain.

    • Serenity Choice offers a variety of different ear protection options:

      • Music- allows you to hear music at a safe level without impacting the integrity of the sound

      • Work- ideal for work locations that require ear protection

      • Sleep- reduce your partner’s snoring to help you sleep more optimally

      • Comfort- reduces low-frequency noise but still allows you to hear conversation. This would be optimal in an office setting to help you focus on your work.

      • Motorsport- ideal for reducing noise generated from wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle

      • Hunting & Shooting- ideal for reducing high-impulse noise from a firearm

  • If you are looking for custom in-ear-monitors, we can take an ear impression that will be provided to you on the same day. You can send the impression to the manufacturer of your choice to have them made for you.

  • Custom swim plugs

    • To prevent water from getting in your ears. These are commonly used for the following:

      • PE tubes

      • TM perforations

      • Dry ear precautions per physician request due to ear surgery

  • Non- custom swim plugs

    • We also offer putty buddies that can be used to help keep water out of your ears.

What are the benefits of hearing protection?

There are several benefits of hearing protection, including:

  • Prevention of noise-induced hearing loss
  • Customizable for a better fit
  • Protection during swimming
  • Protection for your ears following ear surgery

Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

Are you someone who frequently finds themselves in loud environments such as music concerts, manufacturing plants, or motor racing events? Then Cross Timbers ENT has a solution for you. With a variety of custom and non-custom hearing protection, we offer protection for a variety of situations, from hunting and shooting to merely focusing in an office setting. Not only this, but we also offer swim plugs designed to prevent water from entering your ears, which is especially useful if you have ear surgery, TM perforations, or PE tubes. If you value the health and safety of your ears, then you could be the ideal candidate for hearing protection and swim plugs at Cross Timbers ENT.

With all swim plugs, these are not designed for you to go under the water. There will still be leakage into the ear. These are splash proof and are designed to keep your ears from being saturated with water. There is no product on the market that will keep water from getting in your ears while swimming or diving.

Hearing Protection FAQ

What is the best form of hearing protection?
Generally, we find custom-made earplugs to be the most effective form of hearing protection for our patients. The plugs allow the ear canal to be completely blocked, totally eradicating dangerously loud noises.

Can I still hear while wearing swim plugs?
Yes. Unique filters within the swim plugs allow you to still hear almost everything around you despite blocking any water from entering your ear canal. This makes them incredibly useful in public spaces, such as a pool or the beach.

How loud does sound have to be to require earplugs?
The CDC and other organizations routinely update their recommendations on noise exposure based on the most current data available. Many people are surprised to learn that seemingly harmless and routine activities, like mowing the lawn, can actually be damaging to their hearing in as little as 15-45 minutes. When in doubt, it is almost always better to wear hearing protection around elevated noise levels.

Can children wear earplugs?
Yes, children actually need ear protection at even lower noise levels than adults, due to their smaller ear canals and greater risk for hearing damage. Because standard earplugs may not fit a child properly, our team may recommend custom ear protection, over-the-ear protection, or another solution to safeguard your child's developing hearing.

Can earplugs damage your ears?
Earplugs that are worn improperly, are made of unsafe materials, or have become compromised in some way can potentially damage the structures of your ears or simply not provide adequate noise protection. Our team is committed to offering the safest ear protection solutions available today and will thoroughly discuss how to properly wear and maintain your ear protection.

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