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Tongue-Tie in North Texas

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What is tongue-tie?

Sometimes, children are born with an inherited oral condition known as a tongue-tie (ankyloglossia). A tongue-tie occurs when the tissue under the tongue (frenulum) is tied too closely to the bottom of the mouth. The frenulum is either too short or too thick, which reduces the child's ability to lift the tongue or move it from one side to another. A tongue-tie can cause issues with breastfeeding in infants. Older children may have problems eating, speaking, or swallowing, in addition to a speech delay. Medical intervention may be needed for a child showing symptoms of a tongue-tie. Contact Cross Timbers ENT to learn about treatment at our locations in Mansfield, Arlington, and Midlothian, TX.

how is Tongue-Tie diagnosed and treated?

To check for a tongue-tie, try placing your finger under your child's tongue and pushing on the flap of skin. If the tongue tip folds upward or bends downward, a tongue-tie may be present. Symptoms of a tongue-tie can be concerning, but only a doctor can provide an accurate diagnosis. During an appointment at Cross Timbers ENT, a physical exam will be performed along with diagnostic tests to check the function of the tongue. If a tongue-tie is detected, it is usually treated promptly in order to alleviate symptoms. We can perform a quick, in-office treatment that involves snipping the frenulum with sterile scissors. This isn't too painful since there are few nerve endings in that area. Afterward, babies can breastfeed immediately.

Restore tongue function

If you suspect that your child has a tongue-tie, contact the professionals at Cross Timbers ENT to get a diagnosis. Our doctors can perform a tongue-tie release treatment right here in our office, which can alleviate problems with tongue mobility. Contact one of our office locations in Arlington, Mansfield, or Midlothian to schedule an appointment with our helpful team.

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