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Parathyroid Disease in North Texas

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What is parathyroid disease?

The parathyroid glands, which sit behind the thyroid, produce a hormone (PTH) that regulates the amount of calcium in the blood. Parathyroid disease (hyperparathyroidism) occurs when the parathyroid produces an overabundance of PTH, resulting in abnormally high levels of calcium in the body. Symptoms of parathyroid disease may include a lump in the neck, loss of appetite, bone or joint pain, muscle cramps, fatigue, and kidney stones. At Cross Timbers ENT, our team can test your hormone levels to see whether parathyroid dysfunction may be the source of your symptoms. Our board-certified physicians specialize in minimally invasive techniques to remove the parathyroid glands in order to regulate your calcium levels. Book an appointment in Midlothian, Mansfield, or Arlington, TX.

How is parathyroid disease diagnosed and treated?

Parathyroid disease is diagnosed by conducting a blood test to measure the amount of PTH and calcium in your blood. If both PTH and calcium levels are high, it typically indicates hyperparathyroidism. In general, the only way to treat parathyroid disease is through surgery. We will perform parathyroidectomy using advanced surgical tools. We employ rapid PTH testing during surgery to ensure that all diseased parathyroid glands were successfully removed. Patients are typically released to go home the same day.

Treat Parathyroid Disease

If you have difficulty swallowing, a lump in your neck, or a sudden increase in blood calcium levels, contact the experienced team at Cross Timbers ENT. We provide PTH testing and customized treatment plans to remove diseased parathyroid glands. Schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Arlington, Midlothian, or Mansfield, TX.

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