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Salivary Gland Infections in North Texas

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What is a salivary gland infection?

The salivary glands produce saliva through a network of salivary ducts, but it's possible for the salivary glands to malfunction due to an infection. A salivary gland infection (sialadenitis) occurs when the salivary ducts become infected by viruses or bacteria, usually caused by reduced saliva flow. Patients with a salivary gland infection may experience symptoms, like dry mouth, facial pain, fever, difficulty opening the mouth, and swelling of the face or neck. The highly experienced team at Cross Timbers ENT offers diagnosis and treatment for salivary gland infection, as well as other ENT conditions. Schedule a visit to one of our locations in Arlington, Midlothian, or Mansfield, TX.

How to treat salivary gland infections

To diagnose a salivary gland infection, your doctor will review your symptoms and perform an exam. Additional diagnostic testing may include an ultrasound or CT scan to detect whether the blocked salivary glands are caused by tumors or salivary stones. Your specific treatment will depend on the severity of your infection, as well as your symptoms. Usually, salivary gland infections can be treated at home. If you have a bacterial infection, an antibiotic may be prescribed to control the infection and keep it from spreading. Other common treatments include hydration, gently massaging the gland, using a warm compress, sucking on lemons, and warm salt water rinses. In more severe instances, surgery may be needed.

Treat Your Infection

If you are experiencing symptoms of a salivary gland infection, the professionals at Cross Timbers ENT can help. Our doctors are experts in providing a diagnosis along with the proper course of treatment to reduce pain, manage the infection, and increase the flow of saliva. We offer convenient appointment times at our North Texas locations so schedule your visit today.

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