Cochlear Implants in North Texas

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What are cochlear implants?

Cross Timbers ENT is pleased to offer cochlear implants to North Texas families. These electronic devices can make a huge difference in a patient's quality of life.  They are usually recommended to individuals who have severe hearing loss from internal ear damage and are no longer getting the results they need with traditional hearing aids. Unlike hearing aids, cochlear implants directly stimulate the auditory nerve. To see if cochlear implants are right for you, schedule a consultation with our team at one of our locations in Arlington, Mansfield, or Midlothian, TX. 

How do cochlear implants work?

Cochlear implants consist of a sound processor and receiver. The processor is fitted behind the ear while the receiver is implanted under the skin near the ear. This device sends sound signals to the inner ear known as the cochlea. Then, these signals get sent to the hearing nerve and onto the brain to interpret sound. 

Cochlear implants are surgically placed under general anesthesia at a local hospital. A small incision is made behind the ear, and a tiny opening is created in the cochlea to insert the device. The incision behind the ear is then sutured closed to secure the receiver under the skin. Once complete, patients will be able to go home without prolonged downtime. 

High-quality ear implants

Cochlear implants offer hope to those who are no longer able to hear with hearing aids. If you or your loved one are searching for an effective solution for severe hearing loss, call Cross Timbers ENT. Our Midlothian, Mansfield, and Arlington, TX teams work diligently to provide outstanding patient care to all our North Texas clients. Contact any one of our locations today to schedule a private consultation. 

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