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Hoarseness in North Texas

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What is hoarseness?

If you're having a hard time speaking because your voice sounds abnormally weak, strained, or raspy, you're likely experiencing hoarseness. Your voice may sound lower and softer, making it difficult to express audible words. A common cause of hoarseness is laryngitis, which occurs when the vocal cords become inflamed. Usually, laryngitis is the result of a viral infection or overuse of the voice. Other possible causes of hoarseness include smoking, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), air irritants, allergies, polyps, and thyroid problems. At Cross Timbers ENT, our expert doctors provide diagnosis and treatment for vocal cord problems. Schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Midlothian, Arlington, or Mansfield, TX.

How is hoarseness diagnosed and treated?

If you're experiencing voice changes that haven't resolved within a week, it's a good idea to seek medical care. To diagnose hoarseness, one of the board-certified physicians at Cross Timbers ENT will evaluate your symptoms and perform an examination. Your vocal cords will be checked using an endoscope (a thin tube with a camera), which allows a thorough view of the voice box. In the event that a polyp, nodule, or tumor is discovered, or you have vocal cord trauma or scarring, we may recommend surgery.

Restore your voice

While a hoarse voice isn't always a serious concern, it can signal another health condition. You may need medical attention if you have prolonged hoarseness, especially if it worsens or is accompanied by shortness of breath. Cross Timbers ENT provides personalized care for throat and voice conditions, and we invite you to book an appointment at one of our North Texas office locations.

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