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Adenoid Removal in North Texas

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What is adenoid removal?

The adenoids are glands in the back of the throat, located right behind the nose. In babies and small children, these glands help fight off bacteria and viruses. Sometimes, the adenoids become chronically infected or inflamed, which can block the airway and cause trouble breathing through the nose, frequent ear infections, and snoring. If symptoms of enlarged adenoids have started to affect your child's daily function, adenoid removal (adenoidectomy) may be recommended. The board-certified surgeons at Cross Timbers ENT are highly experienced in performing effective adenoid removal to help kids breathe better again. Learn more by scheduling an appointment at one of our office locations in Arlington, Mansfield, or Midlothian, TX.

What to expect with adenoid removal

During an appointment at Cross Timbers ENT, we will assess your child's symptoms and examine the ears, nose, and throat. If we determine that your child is a good candidate for adenoidectomy, the surgery will be performed at an outpatient surgery center. Sometimes, adenoid removal and tonsil removal surgeries are performed together. While your child is asleep under general anesthesia, their surgeon will remove the adenoid tissue using a specialized tool. Your child will be released to go home once they're fully awake and able to breathe normally, usually within a few hours. As your child recovers over the next week or two, they should drink plenty of fluids. Most of the time, over-the-counter Acetaminophen (Tylenol) will manage mild postoperative pain.

Expert pediatric ENT Care

If your child has a hard time breathing through the nose or experiences recurring ear infections, these could be signs of chronically inflamed adenoids. The team at Cross Timbers ENT can provide a diagnosis and see whether your child could benefit from adenoid removal. For pediatric ENT services, get in touch with one of our three North Texas offices to schedule an appointment.

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