Hearing Aids in North Texas

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What are hearing Devices?

Hearing devices are small electronic instruments that are placed inside or behind the ears. These instruments consist of three parts: a microphone, amplifier, and speaker. There are different styles and brands of hearing devices, and all are designed to make sounds more audible to enhance speech understanding. These devices are the most common treatment option for hearing loss in patients of all ages. Cross Timbers ENT is excited to offer several name-brand hearing devices to Arlington and Mansfield, TX families.

How do hearing Devices work?

Hearing devices help amplify sound entering the ear. All devices are digital and most are powered by a rechargeable battery. With diverse designs and custom molds, hearing aids are a convenient and comfortable option for children and adults. Depending on your age and level of hearing loss, different devices may be used to enhance sound. Our Audiology experts will review your case in detail and discuss the solutions to better hearing that are available to you or your child.

Treat hearing loss

The inability to hear can take a huge toll on one's quality of life and personal relationships. It can even cause depression, immense frustration and isolation. There is significant scientific evidence that suggests there is a direct correlation between untreated hearing loss, cognitive decline, dementia and Alzihmers. If you are battling hearing loss and are looking for an effective, long-term solution, consider hearing devices. Our audiologists at Cross Timbers ENT in Arlington and Mansfield, TX can get you fitted with a hearing solution that works best for you.

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