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Ear Tubes in North Texas

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What are ear tubes?

Cross Timbers ENT offers ear tubes for adults and children. These devices are tiny, hollow channels that are surgically placed into the eardrum. They are usually made of metal or plastic. Ear tubes are used to drain and ventilate the middle ear to prevent fluid buildup and chronic ear infections. While drainage and ventilation are usually achieved with the Eustachian tube, when this is damaged or not performing properly, an ear tubes may be indicated. To learn more about traditional and pediatric ear tubes, contact our office in Arlington, Mansfield, or Midlothian, TX. 

What Are the Benefits of Ear Tubes?

Ear tubes offer effective solutions for managing recurrent ear infections. This minor surgical procedure provides several benefits, enhancing ear health for both children and adults in Arlington, TX. Some of these benefits include:

  • Prevents fluid buildup in the middle ear
  • Reduces the frequency and severity of ear infections
  • Improves hearing in cases of persistent fluid
  • Allows for easier administration of ear drops
  • Promotes better balance and reduces dizziness
  • Enhances quality of life by preventing ear-related discomfort

How do ear tubes work?

If you or your child get frequent ear infections, ear tubes may be recommended. During a simple, outpatient procedure, ear tubes are surgically implanted into the ear drum. This surgery is usually performed with local or general anesthesia and generally takes about 5 minutes. 

Ear tubes offer a long-lasting solution, but they are temporary. On average, most devices last for 6 months to 2 years. After this time, they'll fall out on their own and the holes will heal naturally without any stitching. Certain types of ear tubes will need to be removed by your doctor, and the holes will need to be patched. 

Ear Tubes FAQ

Are ear tubes painful?

No. Thanks to our modern equipment and experienced staff, the vast majority of our patients do not report feeling any pain or discomfort during or after receiving ear tubes.

How long do ear tubes stay in your ears?

Generally, ear tubes will stay in place for anywhere from 6 – 18 months. As your eardrum heals, it will naturally push the tubes out on its own. However, after 2 – 3 years, if they still have not fallen out, our team may choose to have it surgically removed.

How do I know if I need ear tubes?

We usually recommend ear tubes for anyone who has had three or more ear infections in the last six months. Additionally, ear tubes can be useful for patients experiencing persistent build-up of fluid in the middle ear.

Expert ear care

Pediatric and adult ear tubes may be an excellent choice for you or your child. Reach out to our Midlothian, Arlington, or Mansfield, TX team to discover more. Our ENT specialists at Cross Timbers ENT look forward to helping you prevent chronic ear infections and regain optimal ear function.

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