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How Long Does Recovery Take After Balloon Sinuplasty?

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While sinus surgery is nothing new, many patients struggling with chronic sinus infections or sinus pressure and congestion may prefer the less invasive, more convenient option of balloon sinuplasty. At Cross Timbers ENT, with locations around the DFW metroplex, including Mansfield, Midlothian, and Arlington, TX, our dedicated providers perform minimally invasive balloon sinuplasty to help patients find relief from their unwanted nasal congestion and sinus infection symptoms without the downsides associated with traditional sinus surgery. Still, it is important to keep in mind that some recovery time is required — though most patients enjoy a fairly speedy and efficient healing process after balloon sinuplasty that allows them to get back to their favorite activities and enjoy their results sooner.

What is a balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive sinus surgery that gently dilates the sinuses to help relieve the symptoms of chronic sinusitis — or sinus infections — along with sinus pressure, congestion, and inflammation. Unlike traditional sinus surgeries, balloon sinuplasty does not require incisions or a lengthy recovery period and can often be performed with local anesthesia alone, further reducing recovery time and cutting down on peri- and postoperative risks. During a balloon sinuplasty, a thin endoscope — equipped with a light for maximum visibility — is inserted into the sinus cavity. Cross Timbers ENT is committed to utilizing the most modern and effective tools and technologies available today, proudly performing balloon sinuplasty with the aid of the advanced TruDi image navigation system, allowing for extreme magnification, precision, and accuracy. The surgeon then inserts a balloon catheter into the cavity and slowly inflates it to dilate the sinuses. This process helps to release sinus pressure and promote the healing of sinus infections for improved breathing and relief from pain.

How long is balloon sinuplasty recovery?

The recovery time for balloon sinuplasty can vary somewhat from patient to patient, though it is usually much quicker than the recovery process associated with traditional sinus surgery. In most cases, patients can return to work and other light activities as soon as 24 – 48 hours after balloon sinuplasty. Exercise, heavy lifting, and other strenuous activities may be off limits for at least one week — and potentially longer — which will be discussed following your procedure and during your postoperative follow-up appointments. During your recovery after balloon sinuplasty, it is important to follow your surgeon's aftercare instructions closely, which may include:

  • Do not blow your nose
  • Avoid heavy lifting, straining, and exercise
  • Sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated
  • Do not invert your head
  • Avoid touching or putting pressure on your nose
  • Use a gentle saline rinse as directed for congestion relief

With these balloon sinuplasty aftercare instructions, as well as those provided by your surgeon based on your specific case details, you can help to ensure a rapid, efficient, and full recovery with lasting relief and results.

Find sinus congestion relief fast with balloon sinuplasty in North Texas

Chronic sinusitis, infection, or congestion can cause a number of extremely disruptive and uncomfortable symptoms, making it difficult or even impossible to enjoy the simplest of everyday routines — including sleeping. For patients who have not found relief with other measures or who prefer to avoid invasive surgery, balloon sinuplasty can be an excellent option. Take the first step toward long-term sinus infection relief today by calling Cross Timbers ENT to schedule your consultation for balloon sinuplasty in DFW at any of our convenient locations in Midlothian, Arlington, or Mansfield, TX.

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