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When Is a Balloon Sinuplasty Needed?

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Frequent sinus infections and sinusitis can be challenging for many people in North Texas. Fortunately, advanced procedures like balloon sinuplasty are available to expand blocked sinus pathways. This treatment at Cross Timbers ENT is minimally invasive and is known to provide lasting results.

A balloon sinuplasty is recommended when conservative treatments such as medications or home remedies have not provided sufficient relief. Call to book a consultation with a board-certified physician in Arlington, Mansfield, or Midlothian, TX. Our doctors can evaluate your unique condition and discuss whether a balloon sinuplasty can meet your needs.

Do you have long-term problems with sinus infections?

Sinus infections cause the nasal passages to become inflamed and reduce in diameter. This prevents mucus and harmful bacteria from draining properly, leading to congestion, pain, and difficulty breathing. People with this issue are also at risk of chronic sinusitis, which can last for months or even years at a time. Symptoms such as headaches and facial pressure can be debilitating and interfere with daily activities.

Sometimes over-the-counter medications and nasal sprays are not enough to relieve a sinus infection or sinusitis. Cross Timbers ENT may suggest a balloon sinuplasty for more effective results.

Here are some situations where balloon sinuplasty can be beneficial in Arlington, Mansfield, or Midlothian, TX:

  • Recurring sinus infections that don't respond to medications or antibiotics
  • Long-term sinusitis that doesn’t improve with other treatments
  • Symptoms like headaches and facial pressure that last for weeks or months
  • Problems exercising or engaging in other activities due to nasal congestion and difficulty breathing
  • Issues related to taste or smell that don’t improve over time

What happens during a balloon sinuplasty?

A thorough consultation is required with one of our specialists to determine your candidacy for treatment. This assessment allows us to evaluate your nasal passages and develop a personalized plan of care. Please inform us about any allergies or medical conditions that could affect the procedure itself or your recovery.

During a balloon sinuplasty, our physicians use an endoscope to examine the inside of your nose and locate the inflamed or narrow sinus pathways. A flexible balloon catheter is then inserted and inflated to open up the area and increase drainage. The process can be done on an outpatient basis and is either performed with local or general anesthesia at a local surgery center or hospital.

Cross Timbers ENT also employs cutting-edge technology during balloon sinuplasty. The TruDi Navigation system allows us to locate and magnify the affected area for increased accuracy and precision. We find that this enhances the effectiveness of a balloon sinuplasty and reduces your risk of complications.

When can I expect results from a balloon sinuplasty?

Cross Timbers ENT can provide a detailed timeline for your particular case. In most instances, people begin to experience relief within a short period of their procedures. Our patients are excited to breathe easier and enjoy a better quality of life with less pain and discomfort. We always strive to provide excellent care and positive outcomes for each individual.

Ask about a balloon sinuplasty

Sinus infections and sinusitis can be difficult to cope with, but there is hope. Balloon sinuplasty at Cross Timbers ENT in Arlington, Mansfield, and Midlothian, TX may finally offer relief from long-term symptoms. Call now for a consultation with one of our trained, board-certified physicians. We can address difficulty breathing, headaches, facial pressure, and other common issues.

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